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Book appointments quickly and easily online

With booqer you can easily book your service providers online. Be it a hairdresser appointment, a workshop appointment, a doctor's appointment or a table in the restaurant.

If you save your booking information or add your favorite businesses to your favorites, you don't have to search for anything.

In 3 easy steps to your desired date


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Choose your service provider


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Select service


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Book an appointment

Book and manage your appointments in just one place

Forgot to check your calendar? Based on the data from your calendar, we will suggest a suitable time window.

Accept the recommended time slot or choose an appointment yourself by swiping.

Adios to annoying calls. Adios to numerous accounts from different providers. Book, cancel and manage your appointments easily and conveniently when and where you want. Use the booqer website or the free booqer app.


Pay with your service provider - as before

The online bookings are completely free of charge, free of charge and free of charge. You simply pay your service provider. As previously.

No hidden costs for bookings or for the app itself. Neither for you nor for your service provider.

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